About Us

We, at Genetic Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd, take pride in our one decade of experience in the content writing domain. Over the years, we have successfully been serving clients in domain as varied as Travel, Health Care, Communication, Real Estate, Sports, IT & Software, Products and Services, FMCG, Pharma, and lots more.

We deliver original contents to cater to the precise needs of the clients. We take specifications, then research and finally, create the piece of writing that would suit clients in a perfect way.

We ensure that our contents serve the precise purpose, and when it happens, we feel the JOB being done.

We’re a team of committed writers-com-professionals who’re driven by creativity and ideas. And as soon as clients approach us, we do execution, put words to the conveyed ideas or conveyed thoughts, so that the purpose of hiring us being served in the exact way.

We’re experienced, dedicated and above all, knowledgeable, thus strive to serve the way you need us to do. And for that, we take your specifics, mix it with own ideas, pour over our writing excellence to churn out a piece that has to SUIT you, for sure…!!

Come at us, as we’re one of those rare people who ensure excellence beyond doubt, and beyond expectations as well..!!